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So, I had an MRI

Since about the end of April, I've had a constant headache every day. So, during Golden Week at the start of May I pretty much took it easy--made sure to rest a lot and relax, but the headache was still there. So, about 2 weeks ago I went in for an MRI and today the results came out. "No abnormalities" is the official conclusion, and I'm relieved about that. And actually, from about two days ago, the headache has let up. I'm guessing now that it was due to stress. Lately I've always been sort of thinking hard about things like how best to proceed in my research or what I should be doing about the future and worrying a lot about things like that, so maybe that's the reason for my stress and headache. Plus, I'm now in computer science, and comp-science-types are staring at screens all the time, so maybe that's another reason. Well, in any event, it's nothing serious so that's good.

4月の最後らへんから、毎日に頭痛があった。ゴールデンウィークにわたって、結構リラックスし、十分に寝ていたが、まだ頭痛があった。2週間にMRIを行い、今日は検査の結果が出た。 「異常ありません」て書いてあってよかったなぁっと。 実は、一昨日から頭がすこし痛みがなかった。頭痛はたぶん原因としてのストレスかもしれない。「研究についてどうやって進もう」、「将来にどうする」等々いつも考え中し、悩んでいるので、それかもかな。情報科学の方もずっと画面を見ている原因もある。 まぁ、シリアスな問題ではなかってよかった。

About the Author

PhD Candidate in Japan, researching Narrative in Games. Responds favorably to Thrash Metal, Karaoke, and Dungeons & Dragons.

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