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Plain Box Interactive

Indie Game Development Group, est. Aug. 2013

Plain Box Interactive is a small indie game development studio composed of a group of enthusiastic, talented programmers, artists and graduate researchers from the Nara Institute of Science and Technology in Nara, Japan. We have a passion for games and strive to create indie games with a focus on simplicity and innovation. ​We gather in our free time in order to make games which are both experimental and fun.  

Games, Seriously

A Podcast about deeper meanings in games, est. Dec. 2014

Our project, the GAMES, SERIOUSLY Podcast, will tentatively be a 60-minute podcast which we will release once a month, hopefully starting in mid-to-late November of this year. We'll be focusing on one theme or topical question per episode, and it will be structured as a safe place for intelligent and meaningful discussion on the medium of games from a variety of perspectives, with the fundamental intent of showing how games are or can be a significantly helpful medium for humanity. At the end of each episode we will invite comments and discussion via social media which we can use for discussion in future episodes or on our forthcoming website. We have also lined up a solid tentative list of special guests to join the party from time to time.

If games are something that you feel is important and meaningful, please join our quest, because it's dangerous to go alone.

Video Game Studies on IndieGoGo (concluded)

Crowdfunding campaign from Aug. 13th~Sept. 27th 2014

My initial effort/experiment to crowdfund financial support to allow my research to continue, enabling me to continue crusading meaningfully and vocally for that cause. 

Our campaign concluded successfully with contributors putting forth $2518.00 USD in total toward our initial $2000.00 goal for funding the idea that video games are far more meaningful than merely an entertaining pastime.

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