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Meaningful Play 2012 Day #1 Recap

Meaningful Play 2012の1日目終了でござる。様々、非常に面白いゲーム研究者出会った。それぞれの皆さまは、ゲームの分析方法・観点とかは極めて多様である。自分の発表もう終了でござる。それを通して、自分の実験的なゲーム分析方法は正しくやっているのがわかった。(写真はAnn DeMarle氏のKeynoteの「Can Games Create Real World Champions?」のプレゼンより)

Meaningful Play 2012, Day #1 completed. Met a lot of wonderful, interesting people. Saw that EVERYONE is attempting to crack the meaning out of games in an extremely wide range of ways. My presentation is done and done. What I learned is that I'm doing it correctly. (Photo is from Keynote speaker Ann DeMarle's Presentation entitled, "Can Games Create Real World Champions?")

About the Author

PhD Candidate in Japan, researching Narrative in Games. Responds favorably to Thrash Metal, Karaoke, and Dungeons & Dragons.

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